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The Power of Our Name Says it All

Our corporate flag is RED. This is significant. RED is our name, RED is our energy, and  RED is our sign of action. Our corporate mascot is "Red Thunder", representing the essence of our dedication and drive. For over forty years the Red Carpet® name has enjoyed a solid reputation in the world of real estate because of our business integrity, our impressive customer service and our commitment to staying in touch with progress. Also, through the power of advertising, Red Carpet® has now become a trusted household name throughout the world. Generations of clients have been coming to us with the confidence that we'll get the job done right.

Our historic success is easily defined by our name - Red Carpet® - because we are committed to giving the “Red Carpet® Treatment” to every detail, every transaction, every client, every time. We're proud to be called Red Carpet® -- it's our way of saying we're happy to serve you.

Over 40 Years of Red Carpet® Service

Red Carpet® Real Estate is one of the oldest franchise real estate sales organizations in the world. It was founded in 1966 by real estate pioneers who had a vision of providing the best and most complete real estate services worldwide. We know and love the real estate business. More importantly, we know and love serving people. We understand how valuable and important your home is to you and your family because we have homes and families, too. All of our knowledge, experience and training is devoted to helping people just like you buy and sell properties -- family homes, commercial investments, farms, vacation homes, raw land, developed land, and businesses. We have proven ourselves over and over, one sale at a time, through dedication and hard work. We must be doing things right because our clients just keep coming back. Our Brokers and Sales Representatives are always ready to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. As soon as you start thinking RED and you'll be thinking SOLD!


When you choose Red Carpet® you choose an entire team of marketing professionals ready and prepared to go to work. Every Red Carpet® Broker and Sales Representative is a marketing professional with worldwide resources waiting to respond to his or her client's every need. With each new listing we immediately issue a Red Alert -- this sends the resources of the entire Red Carpet® family instantly swinging into action.

We are confident of client satisfaction because time has proven that we attract bright, ambitious, energetic people of integrity to work under our Red Carpet® name. Every office is independently owned and operated, giving each broker/owner complete control and incentive over productivity.

The energy and professionalism that drives our agents is reflected in the number of listings we receive, the number of Open Houses we hold, the number of worldwide sales we finalize, and the number of Satisfied Clients we service every day.

Exclusive “Red Carpet®

At Red Carpet® we stay technologically current so we can serve all of our clients' real estate needs in today's increasingly fast-paced world. We provide our Brokers and Sales Representatives with the latest, most up-to-the-minute services, marketing tools, and training available. Armed with state-of-the-art marketing and collateral materials in both printed and digital formats, all of our Red Carpet® Brokers and Sales Representatives are fully prepared to market your property quickly and effectively. The Red Carpet® University offers one of the most comprehensive Broker and Sales Representative training curriculums in the industry. The Red Carpet® University is both comprehensive and tutorial, instructing both new and seasoned agents who want to increase personal growth and professional productivity. The Red Carpet® presence on the web attracts an entire world of potential buyers round the clock, every day of the year. Our Virtual Reality Open House allows an instant peek into most of our listed properties. Red Carpet® HomeBase is a secure internet lifeline which links our Brokers and Sales Representatives to all essential corporate information, products and services which they can access to conduct business quickly and efficiently. Our Red Carpet® Relocation Services affiliate can help a single family or an entire corporation move across the street or around the globe.

Client Satisfaction and Client Loyalty Says it All

“Wow!” is the word our clients most often use at the end of each timely transaction. The process of relocating can be a daunting and stressful experience. Selling your home for the right price in a reasonable amount of time and then finding a new home in a neighborhood close to schools and work may seem insurmountable. Our Red Carpet® professionals can help relieve the stress associated with moving.

Over the years we have created great client loyalty through our extraordinary service and our singular commitment to handling all the details, thus allowing you to concentrate on the task of getting your family moved. We will carefully guide you through every step of buying or selling your home or any type of real estate transaction. We know we can because for over forty years we have worked our magic for thousands of satisfied customers just like you.

Our Market Knowledge is Your Market Advantage

Staying on top of comparative sales and home values is our job. We know what it takes to market your home. We understand today's market and the world's local neighborhoods because we live and work here, too.

At Red Carpet® we make sure every sales representative is a thoroughly trained marketing professional equipped with business know-how -- efficient negotiating skills, extensive computer training, and impressive client sensitivity -- which is necessary to conduct business effectively and successfully. Every Red Carpet® sales representative is supported by a team of experienced brokers and managers, technicians and specialists who are ready to answer questions and provide guidance every step of the way. We promise to put all of our Red Carpet® resources to work for you.

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